Yale Art Wall | Whitney Avenue

The Yale Art Wall at Yale university integrates modern and contemporary art into its design, with its site-specific art piece by Swiss artist Adrian Schiess in the Bekenstein atrium. The design has 90 panels with the appearance changing colour as visitors move through the space. The planning and coordination process was complex and included tasks from plotting the exact panel sizes required, shipping of the materials through to designing and procuring the installation. The design covered 4 floors with a surface area of 500m2. The substructure was the RJ Facades EVT system using a lightweight horizontal rail system to achieve an invisible fix to support the artwork panels.

Facade Surface

500 m2

Height of building

4 Floors

Facade Material

Object data

  • Yale Universities School of Management
  • Height of the installation: 4 floors
  • Swiss Artist: Adrian Schiess
  • Architect Foster + Partners
  • Installation by Momart UK

Details / Specials

  • Artwork surface 500 m²
  • RJ Facades EVT subframe system using horizontal railing system (light version) to achieve an invisible fix
  • Building Substructure SFS unknown,
    using Ejot teks
Yale School Of Art_1.jpg
Yale School of Art_3.jpg
Yale School of Art_2.jpg