Yale Art Wall | Whitney Avenue

Yale Art Wall | Whitney Avenue was a project at Yale University’s School of Management, covering 4 floors with a surface area of 500m2. With an input from Swiss Artist: Adrian Schiess, architectured by Foster + Partners and installed by Momart UK, this project used the Fischer SystemEVT and a horizonal railing system to achieve an invisible fix.

Facade Surface

500 m2

Height of building

4 Floors

Facade Material

Object data

  • Yale Universities School of Management
  • Height of the installation: 4 floors
  • Swiss Artist: Adrian Schiess
  • Architect Foster + Partners
  • Installation by Momart UK

Details / Specials

  • Artwork surface 500 m²
  • Subframe Fischer SystemEVT using horizontal railing system (light version) to achieve an invisible fix
  • Building Substructure SFS unknown,
    using Ejot teks
Yale School Of Art_1.jpg
Yale School of Art_3.jpg
Yale School of Art_2.jpg