Partnering architects, designers and contractors, providing expert advice from the RJ Facades technical team.

RJ Fixings founded in 2002 with a focus to support specialist contractors, operating in safety critical applications, with the best fixings and fixing systems available on the market. RJ Facade Systems started in 2012 to introduce an ‘off the shelf’ facade system, supported with bespoke engineering.

A decade on we now also design and supply bespoke facade systems! Engineering, coupled with product development driven by the demands of the contractor continues to be our core value. All systems are now manufactured in the UK to the UL Approval (formerly Winmark by Wintech), UKAS accredited and recognised by the NHBC for technical project submissions. 

Structural facade calculations, design and drawing

Almost anything is possible: RJ Facades tailor made solutions. The process of facade design starts with the project calculation. RJ support in the collation of the relevant information required to design a facade substructure.

The main parameters are:

Building information: height, width, floor height, wind loading; Facade panel details: material type, panel height & width; Facade construction: cladding zone, insulation thickness, fixing substrate i.e. SFS, concrete, blockwork.

The structural calculation defines the elements of the facade substructure design; Helping hand’ bracket type, Bracket centres, with vertical and/or horizontal rail type, & suitable fixing specification based on static values and substrate.

RJ Facades provide a support function for your design department or facade design consultancy. Typical CAD details are produced to define the elements from the calculation to construct the facade substructure.

Wind load calculation

In instances where a project wind load value is not provided by the project engineer, RJ Facades are able to provide a wind load calculation, relevant to the construction of the ventilated facade.

The calculation considers, building dimensions, distances from sea, town boundaries, project location, & potential funneling. Final values represent the wind pressure in different zones of the building, especially in the corners where point loading occurs.

The data is accordance to BS EN 1991-1-4:2005+A1:2010 & EN 1991-1-4:2005+A1:2010(E)

Thermal Performance Calculated

Project thermal calculations to confirm insulation thickness available on a project by project basis.

The range of helping had brackets is available in aluminium and stainless, including floor spanning configurations. Our technical team calculate the point loss of the bracket specific to your project, in the project specific design to provide solutions that will achieve the buildings required U value. 

Facade systems to support inspirational design


CAD Support, Site Training & CPD Seminars 

Support from the design office to the construction site, from facade calculations to site tool box talks. 

RJ Facades is accredited by The Construction CPD Certification Service and offers approved CPD accredited training seminars. A great opportunity to discover more about correct specification of fixings, systems and fire stop products.

Product and design insurance

All calculations provided by RJ Facades are designed to the relevant Eurocode, available with PI Cover.

RJ calculations are often prepared for submission to the project Engineering consultancy, or where required we partner with Engineering practices to 3rd party verify our calculations to include PI cover (subject to charge).

UK and European Certification

RJ are the first UK manufacturer and suppliers of facade systems to successfully complete the UKAS accredited, NHBC accepted UL certification, formerly Winmark by Wintech.

The approval covers all elements of the facade system, including elements such as; material specification, facade design to relevant Eurocode, and traceability through the RJ manufacturers and relevant supply chain.

Independent Technical Approval Authorities acceptable to NHBC

April 2022

"NHBC has worked with numerous organisations, trade bodies, manufacturers and building industry bodies to help establish, assess and or recognise different certification schemes for different elements of the building structure, with critical and non-critical functions. Certification by these bodies can be used to demonstrate performance. The following are examples of the schemes that NHBC currently accepts:

For curtain walling and cladding systems – Agrément or UL Enhanced Mark ‘Performance of Curtain Walling and Rainscreen Cladding Support Systems’"

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