Centre Fix Support Fixings for Concrete Substrate

EJOT® DMH 8 Tubular Bodied Anchor

Cylindrical Carbon/stainless steel anchor with 35mm washer face, for fixing rigid insulation for high fire protection requirements to concrete, blockwork and brick. 1.5kN ultimate pull-out performance can be expected from C20/C25 concrete, 50mm embedment.

DMT 80 Washer

80mm Washer available in Aluzinc coated carbon steel and A2 stainless steel, for Fastening soft insulating materials in combination with the EJOT DMH metal insulation support anchor, fixing soft insulating materials for high fire protection requirements.

The metal insulation disc DTM A2 is used in soft insulation materials with the insulation support DHM A2. For this, the insulation disc is pushed onto the insulation support. The hammer installation of the insulation support allows fast setting, thereby reducing the amount of work. Thanks to the fire resistance rating 120 achieved, use is possible if there are fire resistance rating requirements. For example, soft mineral wool insulation boards can be fixed outside and in wet areas with the combination of insulation support DHM A2 and insulation discs DTM 80 A2.

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  • Approvals
  • A1 Rated to DIN EN 13501-1:2010-01 

  • Technical Characteristics
  • Cylindrical Carbon/Stainless steel anchor with 35mm washer face. 

    Available in Aluzinc coated carbon steel 

    available in A2 stainless steel

    Simple installation: hammer into pre-drilled hole

    Wide range of lengths from 80mm - 300mm 

    When fixing into dense concrete 40mm minimum embedment can be achieved. 


  • Building Materials
  • Concrete

    Hollow blocks made from lightweight concrete

    Vertically perforated brick

    Perforated sand-lime brick

    Solid sand-lime brick

    Natural stone with dense structure

    Aerated concrete

    Solid brick made from lightweight concrete

    Solid brick


    To fix fire-resistant soft or pressure-resistant insulating materials, such as:


    Mineral / glass wool
    Light building boards made of wood wool
    Foam glass tile

    Polystyrene boards

    Coir matting

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