Perimeter Fix Insulation Support Fixings for Steel Substrate

EJOT Dabo® screw SW8R T- 4.8

Carbon stainless steel insulation fixing solution approved by Ejot for fixing rainscreen insulation material i.e Kingspan K15 & Rockwool Duoslab. Use SW8R-T with SBH-T & SBV washers for approved method for fixing rainscreen insulation.

SBH T 65/25 washer for rigid insulation

EJOT High Density Polyethylene capped washer with 65mm diameter, 25mm tube recess and the fastener is only 15mm into the tube.

SBV 6.5/90 washer for mineral wool insulation

EJOT's load spreading disc washer made from glass reinforced nylon with 90mm diameter and 6.5mm internal hole retaining mineral wool and rigid insulation back to steel frame systems, timber studwork, plywood, orientated strand board and some cement particle boards.

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