Fischer SXRL Performance Façade Fixing

Fischer SXRL has up to three anchorage depths and is approved for multiple fixings of non-structural systems in concrete, masonry and aerated concrete.

The SXRL10 has an approval for single-point fixing into concrete and the SXRL14 can be used for stand off installation of facades under compression load.

In perforated brick masonry, the two expansion zones of the plug apply force evenly where as in aerated concrete and solid brick materials they unite to form one long expansion element to ensure excellent load values.

Through the special geometry of the plug, the retention forces are evenly distributed in the drill hole.

With deep set installations the longer ribs prevent the plug from turning during installation.

SXRL lengths available up to 240mm to provide the right plug for all applications.

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  • Approvals
  • ETA-07/0121

    DoP No. 0048

    DoP No. 0092

    DoP No. 0152


  • Technical Characteristics
  • Advantages

    A low tightening torque in relation to a very high overtorque during the setting process

    Holds even in porous stones with large cavities and ensures during that it is firmly and securely anchored in the substrate

    A distinct anti-rotation lock that works optimally even in critical building materials

    The unique geometry of the SXR means that it can easily be hammered in without bending


    Types of Materials

    Concrete, Solid brick, Solid sand-lime brick, Hollow block made from lightweight concrete, Multilayer composite concrete wall


    Main Uses

    Facade and roof substructures made of wood and metal - Railings - Fire protection doors - Facings Cable conduits

  • Building Materials
  • Approved for:

    Vertically perforated brick

    Aerated concrete

    Hollow blocks made from lightweight concrete

    Perforated sand-lime brick

    Thermal insulation blocks

    Solid block made from lightweight and normal weight concrete

    Solid brick

    Solid sand-lime brick

    Concrete ≧ C12/15


    Also suitable for:

    Natural stone with dense structure

    Solid panel made from gypsum

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