Fischer FBS II A4 Stainless Steel Concrete Screw

Fischer FBS II A4 is an A4 stainless steel high performance concrete screw for absolute installation ease in the exterior area. 

Up to 3 embedment depths allows for the same screw to be used for different component thicknesses. 

Expansion-free anchoring (undercut) allows for lowest edge- and axial spacings

The assessment ETA Option 1 covers the use of single point anchors in cracked and non-cracked concrete. 

The performance categories seismic C1 and C2 ensure that the strictest of safety standards and earthquake specifications can be fulfilled. 

The approved adjustment for the concrete screws allows the screw to be unscrewed twice for a total length of 20mm, to place maximum 10mm packaging below the base plate head or to align the attached part, and then to tighten the screw again. 

Drill holes do not need to be cleaned during vertical installation (ceiling and floor). for floor fixings the hole must be drilled 3x drill hole diameter. 

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  • Downloads
  • Approvals
  • ETA-15/0352 for Cracked Concrete 

    Inox Stainless Steel

    Seismic C2

    DoP No. 0134

    DoP No. 0148

    R120 Fire Resistance


  • Technical Characteristics
  • Advantages

    Reduced embedment depth to allow for a short drill hole depth, fast installation and less reinforcement hits. 

    The ETA approvals, covers applicators in cracked concrete and seismic power categories C1 and C2. 

    Saw tooth geometry that enables fast cutting into concrete. 

    Specially designed hardened red tip to provide a faster more secure installation. 


    Types of Materials
    Non-cracked concrete C20/25 to C50/60, Concrete C12/15, Natural stone with dense structure


    Main Uses
    Steel constructions - Railings - Ladders - Machines - Staircases - Gates – Facades

  • Building Materials
  • Building materials
    Approved for:

    Concrete C20/25 to C50/60, cracked and non-cracked


    Also suitable for:
    Concrete C12/15

    Solid Building Materials

    Masonry with a dense structure


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