EJOT SDF KB Performance Façade Fixing

The SDF KB façade anchors has various anchorage depths and comes in 2 different thread types for fixing into solid concrete, blockwork and brick. 

The screw has a hexagon head and integrate d internal T40 drive for tight compression and washer for optimum load-transmission

Collar flange for thermal separation between screw and attachment as well as seal ring to prevent moisture penetration

The SDF KB range come with a double safety lock against torsion for secure assembly and are radially expanding for consistent and optimal expansion for all perforated building materials.  

Subject to design approval we recommend using the SDF KB 10V (Blue) for solid brick and the SDF KB 10H (red) for hollow brick.

The SDF KB 10V (Blue) has a short thread to enable larger side load, the SDF KB 10H (Red) has a two-tier thread for higher side load

The SDF KB 10V anchor comes with 2 setting depths, 3a for embedment depths greater than 40mm in concrete and 3b for embedment depths greater than 50mm in masonry.

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  • Downloads
  • Approvals
  • ETA-10/0305

    ETAG 020

    Edelstahl Rostfrei - Rust free Stainless


  • Technical Characteristics
  • Advantages

    Approved for all common building materials, reliable installation in problematic building material due to optimised expansion part.  

    Secure hold due to radial expansion, CR-VI-free coating of the screw. 

    product identification through different sleeve colours

    Double safety lock against torsion for secure installation. 

    Very short expansion part for short installation times, 


    Types of Materials

    Concrete, Solid brick, Solid sand-lime brick, Hollow block made from lightweight concrete, Multilayer composite concrete wall


    Main Uses

    Facade and roof substructures made of wood and metal - Railings - Fire protection doors - Facings Cable conduits

  • Building Materials
  • Approved for:


    Solid brick

    Solid lime sand brick 

    Solid lightweight concrete bricks

    Vertically perforated bricks

    Perforated lime sand brick

    lightweight concrete cavity block

    porous lightweight concrete


    Also suitable for:

    Natural stone with compact structure

    Plaster board

    non-classified cavity and perforated brick. 

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