EJOT JC6-KB Stainless Steel Concrete Screw

EJOT JC6-KB fixing is an A4 stainless streel bi-metallic concrete screw, the fixing comes with a hex head and is available from 6m up to 12mm variants. 

The concrete screw comes with superior corrosion resistance in environmental classifications C1 up to C4, which makes it perfect for coastal/marine environments. 

ETA option for cracked and non-cracked concrete. Typical applications include fixing EVT helping hand brackets back to concrete. 

The fixing comes with 'anti back-out' serrations. These serrations form part of the underheard design to provide much greater grip into metal fixture materials such as aluminium. 

For extra fixture grip and a gold marking highlights uniquely welded threads as a bi-metallic indicator. 

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  • Downloads
  • Approvals
  • Cracked Concrete ETAG-001-1* Ø 8 - 12mm

    Cracked Concrete ETAG-001-6* Ø 6 - 8mm

    Non-cracked Concrete Ø 6 - 12mm

    EAD 330747-00-0601 Option 1 (Part 6)

    EAD 330232-00-0601 Option 1

    ZAG -National Building and Civil Engineering Institute, Slovenia

    R120 Fire Resistance

  • Technical Characteristics
  • Advantages

    JC6-KB offers maximum load-bearing capacity in non-cracked concrete

    Hex head concrete screw with superior corrosion resistance in environmental classifications C1 up to C4

    Anti break-out serrations for extra fixture grip and minimal expansion forces.

    Hardened carbon steel lead threads with gold mark bi metallic indicator. 


    Types of Materials
    Non-cracked concrete C20/25 to C50/60, Concrete C12/15, Natural stone with dense structure


    Main Uses
    Steel constructions - Railings - Ladders - Machines - Staircases - Gates – Facades

  • Building Materials
  • Building materials
    Approved for:

    Concrete C20/25 to C50/60, cracked and non-cracked


    Also suitable for:
    Concrete C12/15

    Concrete C80/95 (classification available)


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