EJOT BA-E Plus Throughbolts

EJOT BA-E Plus is a steel anchor for cost-effective fixations in cracked and non-cracked concrete > C20/25, generally for use when fixing RJ Facades Helping Hand brackets to concrete

Also suitable for natural stone, dry indoor areas and wet areas. 

In addition to pre-positioned and push-through installation, the bolt anchor is suitable for stand-off installation.

For embedment of medium-heavy to heavy fixing such as pillars, metal structures and wooden structures, as well as for pre-,push-through and distance installations. 

Characteristics values apply to the compression strength of C20/25 concrete. design load of an anchor for centric tension in cracked concrete. 

Seismic approval category C2 (M10-M16)

Installation torque achieved with 30 – 50% fewer revolutions

M10 and M12 with 2 different anchorage depths
M10: 40 mm and 60 mm
M12: 50 mm and 70 mm

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  • Approvals
  • ETA-18/0219 Approval for concrete, option 1

    Fire resistance classes F30, F60, F90, F120

    ZAG -National Building and Civil Engineering Institute, Slovenia C1/C2

    Edelstahl Rostfrei - Rust free Stainless

  • Technical Characteristics
  • Advantages

    BA-E Plus offers maximum load-bearing capacity in non-cracked concrete

    Reduced anchorage depth reduces drill time - this saves time and reduces reinforcement hits during drilling

    Long thread allows stand-off installations and variable usable lengths

    Diameter 8 to 20 mm also for reduced anchorage depths, e.g. for small loads or if reinforcement is hit

    Embossed letter on the head for subsequent control of the installation as it indicates the setting depth


    Types of Materials
    Concrete C20/25 to C50/60, Concrete C12/15, Natural stone with dense structure


    Main Uses
    Steel constructions - Railings - Ladders - Machines - Staircases - Gates – Facades


  • Building Materials
  • Building materials
    Approved for:

    Concrete C20/25,



    Also suitable for:

    Concrete C12/15

    Natural stone with dense structure

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