The Bottle Store | Stockwell

The Bottle Store in Stockwell is a transformation of the original Watney Brewers site, turning it into a mix-use development. The project created 300 new homes including private, shared ownership and social housing, along with 359 new student rooms and a large commercial space housed in the 1962 bottling building. The project covers 8 floors with a façade area of 4,000m2 using James and Taylor terracotta tiles supported by the RJ Facades EVT subframe system with J&T horizontal carrier rails, the wall brackets were fixed to the concrete using FBN II 10/20 A$ fixings and Ejot Tek screws.

Facade Surface

4,000 m2

Height of building

8 Floors

Facade Material

Terracotta Tiles

Object data

  • Residential development
  • Height of the building: 8 floors

Details / Specials

  • Facade surface 4,000 m²
  • Horizontal Terracotta Tiles by James & Taylor
  • Density of the cladding panel 2000 Kg/m³
  • Maximal wind load considered 1056 N/m²=
  • RJ Facades EVT subframe system to J&T horizontal carrier rail
  • Wall brackets fixed to concrete using FBN II 10/20 A4 and to Metsec 1.2mm using Ejot Teks