Quest House | Croydon

Quest House, a residential development in Croydon covers 7 floors with a facade surface of 2,500m2. The panels used wee Eternit Tectiva 8mm and the subframe was Fischer System EVT back to SFS. The building substructure was steel with SFS infill fixed to using Ejot JT3 Tek screws.

Facade Surface

2,500 m2

Height of building

7 Floors

Facade Material

Jura Limestone

Object data

  • Residential development in Croydon
  • Height of building: 7 floors

Details / Specials

  • Facade surface 2,500m2
  • Natural Jura Limestone by Solnhofen Germany
  • Subframe Fischer System EVT with Fischer FZP undercut panels in stone panels
  • Stone panels produced with undercut holes by Solnhofen, FZP fixings installed on site
  • Building substructure SFS and concrete, primarily fixed usign Fischer SXR 10 X 60 FUS A4 and Ejot tek screws
Quest House 3.jpg
Quest House 1.jpg
Quest House 2.jpg