Cornwallis | Canterbury University

Cornwallis at Canterbury University was a 4 floor project on their research building. The facade structure was 1,500m2 using the Subframe Fischer SystemEVT back to SFS. The building substructure is steel with SFS infill fixed to using Ejot JT3 Tek Screws,

Facade Surface

1,500m2 m2

Height of building

4 Floors

Facade Material


Object data

  • Canterbury University research building
  • Height of the building: 4 floors

Details / Specials

  • Facade surface 1,500m2
  • Panel by Eternit Tectiva 8mm
  • Subframe Fischer System EVT back to SFS. Panel structurally bonded using Dow Panel fix 896, m/o Quanticoat RAL 9005 rail
  • Building substructure steel with SFS infill, fixed to using Ejot JT3 Tek screws
Cornwallis 1.jpg
Cornwallis 2.jpg
Cornwallis 3.jpg