Britannia Music | Ilford

Britannia Music (BMS) development in Ilford, is a 21 floor development using Acantha panels in the facade. The facade area is approximately 6,000m2, supported by Fischer BWM ATK 100 Minor subframe fixed to SFS infill.

Facade Surface

6000 m2

Height of building

21 Floors

Facade Material

Acantha panels

Object data

  • Britannia Music (BMS) mixed use development in Ilford
  • Height of the building: 21 floors

Details / Specials

  • Facade surface 6000 m2
  • Acantha Panel by Carea
  • Subframe Fischer BWM ATK 100 Minor to SFS
  • Building substructure steel with SFS infill, fixed to using Ejot JT3 Tek screws
ANT_1189 copy.jpg
ANT_1119 copy.jpg