Vicarage Gate | Kensington

Vicarage Gate | Kensington was a residential development project covering 5 floors with a façade surface area of 500m2. This project used a bespoke subframe using elements from the Fischer System EVT and SystemOne. The building substructure concentre and steel with primary concrete Fischer fixing studs and resin.

Facade Surface

500 m2

Height of building

5 Floors

Facade Material

Tichelar Ceramic

Object data

  • Residential development
  • Height of the building: 5 floors

Details / Specials

  • Facade surface 500 m²
  • Cladding material is Tichelar Ceramic
  • Bespoke subframe using elements from SystemEVT and SystemOne
  • Ceramic panels hung to create open joint design with horizontal rails and panel brackets with FZP undercut anchors
  • Building Substructure concrete and steel with primary concrete fixings Fischer RGM A4 studs and FIS V360 resin
Vicarage Gate_1.jpg
Vicarage Gate_3.jpg
Vicarage Gate_2.jpg