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Forte Light Horizontal Rail System

Vertical application
Concealed fix
Wide range materials

A 2mm thick Horizonal rail systems which is typically fixed to vertical rails in a T & L geometry. The majority of facades can be designed using 2mm vertical sections, although there structurally required 3mm sections are specified. Use FZP Tergo fixings with Fibre Cement (Eternit), and PTS fixings with HPL (Trespa) for securing the panels to the hanger brackets.

The horizontal rail can be fixed to the vertical rail using tek screw or rivet connections. The horizontal rails are designed to span 500-600mm between the vertical support structure.

Forte Light Horizontal Rail System 2mm horizontal rail system is available in 20mm and 30mm deep sections, with hanger brackets available in 36mm, 60mm and 80mm widths. RJ Facades technical department will specify the hanger brackets depending on the façade panel size and weight. Hanger brackets are available with a variety of hole geometry to suit various methods for secret fixing to different brands of façade panel types, i.e. Eternit, Trespa, OKOskin & Rockpanel

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    UL Winmark Approval (UKAS Product Certification)

    The UL Certification covers the full range of brackets and accessory components. The certified companies head office situated in Bathgate, West Lothian, with the Facades Division based in Guildford, Surrey. The aluminium EVT brackets and components are manufactured and fabricated in Europe and the UK at UL audited manufacturing sites.

    The Approval Covers

    A detailed overview of the certified products 

    Technical specification of the products 

    An initial assessment of the certified company's factory production control systems.

    Design considerations

    A review of the products documentation to help demonstrate compliance with the applicable requirements of the UL Scheme. 

    An assessment of the certified products contribution to any key requirement of the building regulations.

    An overview of the certified companies product installation requirements and procedures.

    An overview of all supporting test documentation used for the product evaluation. 

    Ongoing surveillance of the certified company's factory production control system and procedures.  

    The conditions under which this product certification is valid.  

  • Typical Façade Systems


    Stone and Fibre Cement:
    Eternit Equitone
    Valcan Ceramapanel


    High Pressure Laminate:


    Mineral Fibre:

  • Technical Characteristics


    Typical bracket configuration uses the Fixed Point bracket at the highest position on the vertical rail to support the façade vertical dead loads. The Sliding Point bracket is used typically on all other positions on the vertical rail to absorb the project wind loading. Bracket configuration is specified by RJ Facades department. To submit your project specifics please go to Project Builder.

    RJ Facades design issued by the our RJ Facades technical department can be covered by Product and design insurance if required.

    System components available for AutoCAD downloads.

    RJ Facades offer a standard, available ex stock UK, range that covers most design requirements.

    All rails available to specific RAL colours in Qualicoat on an order to order basis.

    Material Specification


    Manufactured from extruded aluminium alloys conforming to EN 573-3 (material) and EN 755 production standards.