Insulation Support Fixings

Perimeter Fix Insulation Support Fixings for Concrete Substrate

EJOT DH Shaft:

The EJOT DH range is a two-piece rainscreen insulation anchor manufactured of polyethylene for insulation thickness of 60 to 300mm and reducing packaging volume up to 80%. The DH Shaft anchor is knocked in the push-through installation using a hammer, the shaft has a setting depth limit, this is an exact mounting position of 30mm embedment depth for both masonry and concrete. The high quality plastic ensures a safe installation process, even for large thicknesses of insulation and prevents the buckling of the shank when driven into the substrate. Rotary hole drilling required in aerated and perforated brick. 

DH 90 Disc:

The DH disk prevents unwanted quilting effects when compared to conventional insulation supports which are sometimes driven deeply into the substrate as as they have no depth limit, and at butt joints of insulation can even result in gaping of the insulation. For the installation of two-ply insulation additional stress plates are required, the practicability depends on the respective insulation properties and needs to be tested on site. 

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  • Approvals


    Environmental Product Declaration - as per ISO 14025 and EN 15804+A2 



  • Building Materials 



    Building brick

    Solid brick

    lightweight concrete

    Lightweight aggregate concrete

    Aerated concrete

    Natural stone with dense structure

  • Technical Characteristics


    Prevents "quilt effect" (identations in the insulation) due to retrofitting of the washer

    Prevents gaping of the joints between the individual insulating panels at the joining edges

    Packing and handling volume is reduced by over 60% compared to one-part insulation support anchors

    Installation depth limiter guarantees defined installation, independent of the substrate

    Process reliable installation even with thick insulation boards