Concrete Fixings

EJOT Super Epoxy SE800 Resin

EJOT Super Epoxy SE800 is an epoxy injection mortar for solid base materials. It works in dry, wet and flooded holes.

Service temperature range from -40ºC to +80ºC with a max long term temperature +50ºC and with a max short term temperature +80ºC

Product has no shrinkage making it ideal for oversized holes. Thixotropic, can be applied in both vertical and horizontal directions. 

Anchors used for post-installed rebar connection designed according EN 1992-1-1 

Anchor for use in non carbonated concrete C12/15 – C50/60 according EN206-1

The epoxy mortar is ideally suited for rebar connections that are installed with a large drill hole diameter and a high anchorage depth. It can also be used for diamond-drilled and water-filled drill holes.


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    Fire Rated R240

    A+ rating VOC Cobntent - Emissions Dans Lair Interieur

  • Building Materials


    Building materials
    Approved for:

    Non-Carbonated Concrete C12/15 - C50/60

    Solid Brick

    Approval for threaded rods M8, M10, M12, and M16

    Approval for rebar Ø 12, 16 and 20mm


    Also suitable for:

    Rebar connections

  • Technical Characteristics



    Suitable to anchor threaded rods and rebar into stone

    Two component injection chemical anchor based on pure epoxy resin

    Pure epoxy resin for high loads and no shrinkage

    high chemical and temperature resistance for use with percussive and diamond drilled holes

    Dynamic and long term resistance. 

    Fire resistance. 


    Types of Materials

    Concrete, Solid brick, Solid stone, Solid block, Aerated concrete


    Main Uses

    Steel constructions - Console machines - staircases - High-racks - Wooden constructions - Reinforced bars