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Ejot JT3 Stainless Steel Teks

Ejot JT3 Stainless Steel Teks

EJOT Super-SAPHIR® fasteners are manufactured from 304 (A2) grade austenitic stainless steel with a hardened carbon steel drill point welded to the stainless steel shank.

Advantages of the Super-Saphir range

Design - the hardened drill point enables the screw to drill carbon steel sections and by having the lead threads formed on this hardened point this allows for correct tapping at high drilling speed.

Assembly - where specified they are assembled with a stainless steel / EPDM vulcanised sealing washer ensuring a safe seal every time.
Finish - these fasteners are zinc coated for aesthetic reasons and waxed to lubricate the surface during installation.

Below are the common references used in conjunction with Fischer's rainscreen subframe for fixing to Steel Frame Systems.

Simple guide to selection: JT3-3 = steel 1.5-3.0mm, JT3-6 = steel 1.5-6.0mm, JT3-12 = steel 4.0-12.0mm

The range is available without washers, with stainless EPDM washers of 16mm & 19mm, or with aluminium EPDM washers of 29mm.

RJ offer a complete range of Ejot stainless steel fasteners for other external applications.

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    European Technical Approval ETA-10/0200

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    Ejot JT3-6 Stainless Steel SUPER Saphire Teks

    Use for assembling aluminium rainscreen bracketry and connecting to steel. The JT3-6 range is designed for fixing to steel sections from 1.5 to 6.0mm. The clamping range varies depending on the fixing WITH or WITHOUT an EPDM washer.

  • Technical Characteristics 


    Standing seam halter brackets or Helping hand brackets


    A2 Austenitic Stainless Steel fastener with Carbon steel drill point
    Available unwashered


    Technical specifications
    Drive: 8mm clip hex one piece socket
    Steel sections from 1.2 to 3.0mm in thickness